Circuitous Succession: Epilogue 

  • Opening Reception October 10th, 2014 6-9pm at Masonic Contemporary: Circuitous Succession: Epilogue featuring 44 local and national artists with 57 artworks as curated by Jason Miller
  • Exhibition on view thru November 10th, 2014

Jason Miller

Pixy Yijun Liao, Jay Etkin, Jason Lanier, Beth Edwards, Erin Jennings, Jed Jackson, Caterina Tiazzoldi, Shara Rowley Plough, Eduardo Benamor Duarte, Valia Oliver, Nathan Yoakum, Julie Wright, Norman Soskel, Pinkney Herbert, Brian Anderson, Colin Kidder, Amelia Briggs, Judith Barrie, Jeane Umbreit, Lauren Coulson, Mike Coulson, Annette Fournet, Lawrence Jasud, Joey Miller, Ross McLean, Anne Froning, Saj Crone, Mary K VanGieson, Eric Painter, Terri Phillips, Greely Myatt, Nancy White, Roy Tamboli, Elisha Gold, Judith Barrie, Jeanne Seagle, Robin Salant, Bienvenido Howard Romero, Jan Hankins, Wayne Simpkins, Mari Trevelyan, Fletcher Golden, Jon Hart, Anna Maranise, Robert Lewis

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One year ago I curated a series of sixteen back-to-back solo exhibitions featuring Memphis artists of local and international renown. I had originally drafted a list that would have extended the succession of solo exhibitions indefinitely; so, I made a compromise. I would follow-up the series of solo shows, which was titled Circuitous Succession, with a group exhibition that would be on view for one month rather than one week per show. I revisited my list and was glad to have the privilege of extending invitations to many more of the artists with whom I wish to work. Rest assured, all sixteen original participants are included in this production. I am a cross section for every artist in the show to various degrees. Many of the artists call Memphis home, but some hail out of Los Angeles, Boston, and New York. I could fill pages with my thoughts regarding this exhibition, and have, but I would rather let the art do the talking.

To me an artwork is an ambassador or extension of the artist who made it, and therefore it speaks for the artist. So, Circuitous Succession: Epilogue with its 57 works should be a rattle of conversation between art objects of numerous diverse media—charged with the experienced of the 44 artists involved in allowing me to work with their work within a space that bares its own worn complexion of memories. Thank you to all the artists and thank you to all who let curiosity get the better of you and come to see the results of combining so many visions under one roof. 

–Jason Miller, Curator